Belle Heronstairs Waywood

So I like;
Supernatural (wincest I don't like Destiel sorry)
Sherlock Holmes (Johnlock otp)
Teen Wolf (sterek)
Hetalia (UsaMex/Spamex/GerMex/Gerita/UsUk/
Spuk/Fruk/Franada/Scoteng etc..)
Mortal Instruments (Malec OTP)
The Hunger Games (Odesta/Clato/Gadge/Peeniss)
Infernal Devices (Heronstairs)
The Host (Ian&Wanda)
Twilight Saga (Edward&Alice/Carlisle&Esme..I hate bella)
Harry Potter (Harry/Hermione/Luna/Theodore)


*whispers* anybody else think in human form peter with a knot is really hot? especially if he’s fucking roman with his knot. I can’t even… 


it has come

a new ship sets sail in my ocean

prepare for the flood


yeep…a new ship 

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Gregory House and Sherlock Holmes "making experiments"

John: Oh no, now there are two…

my babies! my beautiful OTP…just fucking perfect!

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My beautiful OTP  :’)

but…where’s Johnlock?

oh well…

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otp meme: faceless + physical contact